2nd International Workshop on
Semantic Web Architectures For Enterprises

5  S e p t e m b e r ,   2 0 0 8 ,   T u r i n
  I t a l y

held in conjunction with DEXA 08

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The topics of the workshop include, but are not limited to:

* Semantic Integration
* Information extraction
* Managing metadata for information integration
* Managing metadata for data classification
* Semantic Web technologies for enterprises
* Ontologies for Information Integration and data exchange
* Ontology mapping and merging
* Schema mapping/evaluating/integrating
* On-the-fly Integration
* Information Integration architectures
* Reviews and evaluation of existing Integration approaches
* Data Integration in e-Commerce applications
* Integration of legacy applications in semantic web architectures
* Semantic web and business processes
* Reliability and scalability of Semantic Web technologies and tools
* Enterprise-level tools and applications
* Costs of semantic-based architectures for enterprises
* Semantic Web and Integrated Information Systems
* Semantic based systems and business applications: cost management, decision support systems, workflow management systems, etc.
* Economic sustainability of semantic web based systems
* Metrics to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the knowledge encoding process
* Novel Web service architectures
* Development and modeling frameworks for Web service applications
* Modeling of semantic web services
* Interoperability of web services
* Unified management of data and services

6 December 2007