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An academic research that will transform the global market of small and medium enterprises.

The net is by now omnipresent in our world — it is an indispensable tool and it develops continuously. It is an instrument which is able to give an answer to all our questions. In short, a tool that facilitates and conditions our life. Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a future without the conveniences offered by the web. First of all, the possibility to have access to an inexhaustible mine of information of every kind.

Sometimes the information is absolutely too much, especially for whom who has to discern them for the job. That is because search engines act immediately, to a large degree, complicating our specific analysis. In business matters, the problem is well known and people are trying with hard work to seek a remedy for it. Here then the necessity of a specific search engine able to go beyond the traditional ones — the necessity of having, with just one click, the wished answer.

This type of search engine would also be able to facilitate the exchanges of information, the knowledge and the negotiations between company and company. Does it exist already? No, it would be too much. Nevertheless, such a search engine will appear in a few years’ time. Soon we will have on-line one single electronic platform for the trade.

Modena is the birthplace of this project, developed in the Information Engineering Department of the local university. The idea is all Italian, and now it takes advantage from the collaboration with other prestigious institutions, like the Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication of the University of Studies of Milano – Bicocca, the ISTI-CNR (Institute of Information Science and Technologies - National Research Council) of Pisa and the CEFRIEL (Center of Excellence For Research, Innovation, Education and industrial Labs partnership) of Milano. Its name? NeP4B


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